On 1 July the PayNow Business owned 100% by C & Co Corporate Services Pty Limited which has acted as an Asset Backed Servicer for more than 10 years, ceased to be branded as PayNow and the Asset Backed Servicer platform will be known as FINANCECLOUD.
FINANCECLOUD will provide remote desktop services for Bank and Non-Bank Financial Institutions previously conducted under the PayNow brand of

  • SPE Management including.
  • Asset Management / Cash Trapping /General Ledger.
  • Receivable Pool Analysis.
  • Online BusinessCentre transaction environment.
  • Full Seller and Investor reporting.
  • Backup Services.
  • Recovery of Assets.

PayNow will be relaunched during the 1H of 2014 as a Payment Gateway for B2B payments and as a B2B specialised SME Business Credit Card in association with SME Corporate and Business Loans for

  1. Debt Consolidation.
  2. Investment.
  3. Trade Finance.
  4. Asset Improvements.

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  1. Cunnington & Co / FINANCECLOUD / PayCollect / Ulysses IT
  2. SME Cash Limited

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